Famous Fire Alarm Scenes That Help Children Learn about Fire Safety

When watching movies or television, there are several scenes that remind us that fire alarms are an important security measure. Without fire alarms, people would not be alerted to a serious problem, making them at risk for tragedy. Teaching children about the value of a fire alarm is an important lesson that should be taken in every household and school. Here are a few scenes from children's movies and television programs where the fire alarm (like those from Bevan Security Systems, Inc. Read More 

Identifying Threats To Your Home By Completing A Security Evaluation

Before you install a security system, it is best to have your home evaluated. During the evaluation, a security consultant will look at different areas around your home. After completing this step, you will have a better idea about the type of security devices your home requires. Identify Broken Locks A number of security companies that work with residential properties also offer security evaluation. A specialist will come to your home and check the different areas in and around your home before they install your security system. Read More 

Fire Suppression For Delicate Conditions: What Homeowners Can Learn From Museums

If you're a homeowner with a valuable collection of art, books, wine, or the like, having a fire suppression system, in addition to smoke alarms, is vital. But traditional suppressants won't work with many fragile collectibles, and there are a host of other concerns with fire systems as well. Here's a look at some things you should be taking into consideration, learning from museums, libraries, banks, and archives. Fire Suppressant Materials Read More