Famous Fire Alarm Scenes That Help Children Learn about Fire Safety

When watching movies or television, there are several scenes that remind us that fire alarms are an important security measure. Without fire alarms, people would not be alerted to a serious problem, making them at risk for tragedy. Teaching children about the value of a fire alarm is an important lesson that should be taken in every household and school. Here are a few scenes from children's movies and television programs where the fire alarm (like those from Bevan Security Systems, Inc.) goes off, saving the people in the building.

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

In second Despicable Me movie, when the villain gets up the guts to make a phone call to ask a woman for a date, he ends up using a torch on the phone because he gets cold feet right as he is about to dial. The fire alarm in the building goes off and firefighting minions come in to put out the blaze.

Arthur Season 3 Episode 2 (1999)

In the children's program Arthur, there is an episode named "DW All Fired Up" where fire safety tips are taught to the elementary school students. D.W. is afraid of the fire alarm until she learns the proper steps you should take to avoid being left behind in the building. One day the fire alarm goes off, and you can witness the students doing what they were previously shown by the teacher. This is a great episode for teaching small children the importance of a fire alarm and how to act when you hear one go off.

Sesame Street (2002)

In the episode, "Fire In Hooper's Store", Mr. Hooper is cooking for Elmo and Maria when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. Mr. Hooper uses a fire extinguisher to put the fire out and Maria helps Elmo get out of the building by teaching him to stay low to the ground when walking. Afterwards, the fire department comes to the building to do a complete inspection. Elmo is very shaken up about the fire and is very scared to go back into Hooper's Store.

A firefighter named Bill comes to speak to Elmo in-depth about firefighting, the equipment used, the clothing worn and safety tips to help keep you safe when there is a fire. Bill invites Elmo to the firehouse to learn more about what a firefighter does and how they are alerted about fires. This episode will help teach young children some more information about fire safety and the procedures taken to put fires out.