Choosing The Right Video Surveillance Equipment

When you implement a comprehensive security system for your business, video surveillance should be a key part of that investment. One of the things that many people overlook is the benefit of technology and the latest feature enhancements that make security and surveillance systems more functional and reliable. Here are some of the features that you should discuss with your security system installation technician before you choose your equipment. 

Object Identification

With advancements in smart systems and facial recognition, many surveillance camera systems also offer camera systems with identification support to tell the difference between people in the camera's view and objects or animals. This can reduce the occurrence of false alarms triggered by animals wandering on your property or an object in the store falling from a shelf. Ask about object identification support with any cameras you choose to invest in.

Image Capture

Some surveillance systems support programming to capture still images of people entering a doorway or license plates on cars entering a parking lot. These images are beneficial for law enforcement, if necessary, and for your security staff to scan license plates for authorization in controlled parking areas.

Cloud Storage Support

When you need to refer back to security footage from a week or a month ago, you need a surveillance system that does not require excess video card storage or tape systems. Instead, look for a camera system that supports cloud storage and invest in a cloud platform that does automatic backups and offers firewall protections and encryption to protect your files. That way, you can access them when needed but also be confident that they are secure when you don't.

Infrared or Night Vision

Surveillance systems are great in normal daylight situations but low light can pose challenges with camera resolution and image quality. New surveillance equipment comes with infrared support or night vision modes that allow for greater image clarity and visibility even in low-light situations. This protects against the need to add excessive exterior lights and deal with restricted visibility overnight, which is the time when many property crimes are committed. Talk with your technician about the low-light visibility solutions to ensure that you have surveillance that is beneficial around the clock.

These are just a few of the most important elements to consider for fully functional surveillance on your property. Talk with your installation technician today for more information about video surveillance systems.