Identifying Threats To Your Home By Completing A Security Evaluation

Before you install a security system, it is best to have your home evaluated. During the evaluation, a security consultant will look at different areas around your home. After completing this step, you will have a better idea about the type of security devices your home requires.

Identify Broken Locks

A number of security companies that work with residential properties also offer security evaluation. A specialist will come to your home and check the different areas in and around your home before they install your security system.

This check includes inspecting the door and window locks. The doors that they check will be the front, back and all garage doors. The individual is looking for locks that do not latch properly, since this can be an easy access point for a burglar to use.

Once the doors are checked, the next step is to check all of your window locks. In some cases, the windows may look locked, but with a little push, the window latch may disengage. This is a potential problem, since a burglar would not have to work very hard to unlock your windows and then enter your home.

Before any system can be installed, you will need to repair or replace any broken or malfunctioning locks in your home.

Evaluates Exterior Items

The next step in the evaluation is to look at the items you keep around your home's exterior. The security consultant will look for obvious and subtle items that burglars could use to help them gain access to your home.

For example, if you live in a two-story home, the security consultant will look for ladders, low hanging branches or outside furniture that someone could use to get up to the second level. Unfortunately, many homeowners forget to lock the windows on the second story and burglars know this, so they look for ladders or items that will help them get up into this portion of your home.

The individual will also look in the normal places people hide keys. If they can find your key easily, they can recommend a new spot for your hide-a-key.

Even household tools left in your backyard are a bad idea. The problem is that all you see is a hammer on the porch, but a burglar sees a key to your back door or windows.

Having your home evaluated before your security system goes in is a great way to identify threats to your home. The security consultant will help you find the problems and then recommend ways to fix the issues. A company like American Wireless Alarm Inc can provide more information about this for you.