3 Reasons To Call A Commercial Locksmith To Install A Key Lock Box

Leaving a spare key under a doormat, false rock, or flowerpot is a trick many individuals have used over the years. Unfortunately, burglars know this trick and may search these spots for your keys to gain easy access to your commercial property. That's why commercial locksmiths discourage this method of hiding keys and recommend a safe lock box. A key lock safe is a box installed outside your front door or gate that stores your keys and opens using a four-digit combination lock. Below are the advantages of installing a key lock safe on your commercial property. 

1. Helps During Lockouts and Other Emergencies

Lockouts happen when you lock yourself out with the keys inside the office, or someone locks the door from inside. Such experiences can be stressful without a key safe, and you might opt to break down your door to access your office. Also, during fire outbreaks or medical emergencies, every second counts. So, having a lockbox outside is important as it will provide easy access to the first responders if you cannot open the office door when they arrive. 

2. Provide Easy Access for Business Partners or Service Providers

One of the most significant advantages of key lock safes is their convenience. Imagine having to schedule your day around other people. This can be frustrating since some important matters may have to take the backseat. But that is what will likely happen when a partner or investor visits at a time you can't physically meet them at the office. Instead of leaving that important meeting or having your business partner wait outside, a key safe will give them easy access to your office so they can comfortably wait until you arrive. 

Key lock boxes are also convenient for providing access to property maintenance service providers, such as cleaners and repair persons. The best part is that you can change the passcode later to ensure these individuals only access your office when authorized. 

3. Save Money

When you misplace your keys, you'll need a locksmith to open the door, rekey the locks, and create new copies for each employee. Rekeying is important as it prevents unwanted access if the keys fall into the wrong hands. Rekeying your office and getting new key copies can be expensive, depending on how many copies you need. However, you can easily avoid such expenses by installing a key safe where you can store your keys without fearing they'll end up in the wrong hands.

Installing a key lock safe saves money, offers convenience, and is helpful during emergencies and lockouts. Therefore, you should consider installing one for your commercial building to enjoy these benefits. Remember to work with a commercial locksmith to ensure you get the installation services you need.