Own A Business? Install A CCTV Camera To Monitor Your Property

If you own a business, you need to take steps to keep yourself, your employees, and your building safe from intruders. One way you can do this is to install one or more CCTV cameras on the property. CCTV cameras (closed-circuit television) are security monitoring systems that allow you to watch outside of your business without having to go outside. CCTV cameras also record so you can look at footage later. There are different types of CCTV cameras you can choose from, three of which are listed below. 

Wired CCTV Cameras

There are wired CCTV cameras available which include installing cables to record footage and transmit the footage to the monitoring system, such as a television. The transmission range may be shorter with a wired system. You can choose a signal booster, the right type of networking cables, and switches to help lengthen this range, however. If you have multiple CCTV cameras installed, they are all connected together with cables to a security monitor inside your building.

Internet Protocol CCTV Cameras

Internet protocol (IP) CCTV cameras are the newest type you will find. You do not have to use any type of wires and CCTV cameras have different capabilities. For example, you will have a much sharper and higher resolution when it comes to the footage you look at later. You can zoom in on these cameras if needed and reposition them easily. One big benefit of IP CCTV cameras is you can look at the footage on the monitor as well as online. This is because you can set up the CCTV camera, so it connects to a web browser. This allows you to receive notifications in real-time if something happens on your property whether you are at your building or at home. You can view the camera live at home or any other area where you have Wi-Fi through a tablet, smartphone, computer, laptop, etc. IP CCTV security cameras are more expensive than other types. 

Analog CCTV Cameras

The oldest and generally least expensive option is analog CCTV security cameras. You will see that many establishments use this type. This is a wired camera, and the footage is stored on the camera on your site only. The footage displays directly on a television. You can also choose to use a DVR with an analog CCTV camera. The footage is not as good with analog cameras, however. This is a big drawback if you have intruders and police who need to look at your footage. 

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