Getting Replacement Keys For Your Locks

Losing the keys to your home's locks or damage occurring to them can be a highly disruptive problem as it can prevent you from being able to get into the house or secure the home when you leave. When these problems arise, homeowners may need to use a locksmith service to get replacement keys made or have the locks completely rekeyed.

Avoid Attempting To Force The Lock Open       

After discovering that they have locked themselves out of the house, individuals may make the mistake of attempting to force the lock open. While this may seek like it will be faster and cheaper than hiring a locksmith to open it, there will be a high chance of damage occurring to the lock or door. This could lead you to need to pay for expensive replacement parts of these components. Furthermore, it is likely to take far longer than you may have first thought as much of the lock face and cylinder will need to be disassembled in order for the lock to release itself.

Know Whether There Are Smart Features In The Lock

Many modern doors locks are designed to work with smart keys. These keys will usually have a transponder code that they broadcast and that the lock and read. Without the presence of this code as well as the key, the lock may not release. When having a replacement key made, you will need to know whether this is a feature that is used by your locks. Otherwise, you may find that your replacement key is still unable to release the lock. While having a key with a transponder in it made will be more expensive than a basic key, it should not take the locksmith much longer to make as long as they have the correct equipment for reading the lock's transponder code and programming it into the key.

Keep Track Of Any Copies Of The Keys

Over the years, you may accumulate a number of different keys for your property. Sadly, many homeowners will not be diligent with keeping track of the various keys that they have had made. This can lead to potential safety risks as they may not be able to account for all of these keys, which can make it easier for an unauthorized person to use them. If you are unable to account for all of your home's keys, you may find that rekeying the locks can be a safer option than simply having a new key made.

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