Three Tips For Keeping Your Enterprise Secure

Starting a business can be one of the largest and most rewarding investments that you ever make. Unfortunately, there is an almost overwhelming number of considerations and decisions that will need to be made. In particular, ensuring that your company is as secure as possible is one of the most important responsibilities for any business owner or manager. To help you minimize the risk of your enterprise being the victim of criminal activity, you will want to be mindful of the following basic security tips.

Install A Comprehensive Security System

One of the best ways to help secure your enterprise is through the installation of a comprehensive security system. These systems should include security cameras, alarms for unauthorized entry as well as monitoring for fires. Additionally, you may want to opt for a monitored security system as this can ensure that help is dispatched when it is needed if problems arise when it is closed. These systems may seem like an expensive investment to make, but there are often tax incentives and insurance discounts that may be used to help offset this initial investment.

Upgrade Your Lower Windows To Shatter Resistant Glass

Windows that are at street level can be among the most common ways that criminals will gain entry to a building. By breaking the glass, these individuals will be able to quickly enter the building. You can combat this risk by upgrading to shatter resistant glass. While it may still be possible for a determined criminal to break through this glass, it would take them far longer, which may give the police additional time to respond.

Rekey Your Locks Whenever An Employee With Keys Is Terminated

Vandalism and theft by former employees can be a serious problem for businesses. In order to prevent this from occurring, you will need to ensure that you rekey the locks to your building after an employee with keys leaves. Simply taking your key back is not sufficient for keeping the building secure as the employee may have had an unauthorized copy of the key made.

Not surprisingly, there are some business owners that will be hesitant about investing in rekeying the locks this frequently. Fortunately, you can help to save money on this task by investing in an access card system. These security systems rely on magnetic cards to grant individuals access to the building. When an employee leaves, you can simply deactivate their card from the system so that they will no longer be able to it to enter the building.