4 Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Fire safety is something that should never not be taken seriously. Although you may have never experienced a fire in the past, it doesn't mean that it couldn't happen to you. This is why you want to know these four important fire safety tips to keep your family and your home as safe as possible:

  1. Don't Rely on Low Battery Signal: Too often, people don't replace the fire alarm's battery until the signal light that there is a low battery has gone off. Doing this can be dangerous because if you wait this long, it is possible that the fire alarm doesn't have enough power from the batteries to go off if a fire is ever detected. You always want to be sure that fire alarm systems have a high battery life to ensure that, in the case of a fire, they will continue to go off in order to help alert everyone. 
  2. Set a Replacement Schedule: To be sure that your fire alarm system has a constant high battery life, you will want to replace the batteries at least twice a year. In order to stick to this schedule, you should consider changing the batteries during each Daylight Saving Time switch. This will provide a friendly reminder to ensure that you are able to remember to stick to this schedule. If the batteries still have some life in them, you may be tempted to just leave them, but you can always use them for children's toys or other electronics in the home. 
  3. Set a Testing Schedule: You should be testing the fire alarm every month. This test will ensure that you are verifying that the batteries in the alarm are properly installed and that the alarm is loud enough for everyone in the home to hear. If there are any problems with the sound of the alarm, you should consider replacing the entire alarm altogether.
  4. Review Fire Plan: Whenever you change the batteries in the fire alarm, you should consider going over your home's fire plan with the rest of the family. Your children should know of all the ways that they can exit the home in the case of a fire. 

Knowing these four fire safety tips will ensure that you and your family are well prepared in case of a fire emergency. This is also going to keep your fire alarm system in the best working order, and thus, last longer in your home.