Planning The Right Layout For Your Home’s Alarm System

Choosing the right home security system means taking stock of the specific layout of your home and property, as well as your budget and needs. In the end, the best security system for your home is the one that fits your budget, addresses your specific security concerns, and is versatile enough to change with your needs.  With an eye on necessities, you'll be able to pick out the components, services and functions that will make any security system right for your home, without adding on non-essentials or expensive extras.


To ensure that monitoring is as effective as possible, you need to focus on how the devices are positioned. Identify key areas of your home that are either likely entry points, areas you need to make extra secure, or parts of your home that an intruder will have to pass through. Once you know where these areas are, you can start planning around them directly.

By narrowing the focus of your monitoring, you'll save on the number of devices necessary to keep your home safe. Apart from exterior doors and windows, place monitoring devices in areas where likely paths converge. Hallways and living rooms offer the best chance at catching movement or video, so position motion sensors, cameras and noise monitors here, in case window and door alarms don't activate.

Theft Deterrents

Most security companies include a sign you can position in your yard, and it's important that you make use of this as a warning to anyone considering a break-in. In addition, make sure certain components of your system are visible, especially window monitors. This will help demonstrate that the sign isn't in place just for show, and will help discourage thieves who might think otherwise.

Besides a prominently displayed warning, there are few things more effective at deterring a thief than bright lights and a solid lock. Tie a motion sensor into the light fixtures over exterior doors and upgrade your lock to a high end model. Even if no one is in the immediate area, the sudden light will draw attention and the secure door will make entry as difficult as possible. Most intruders simply won't want to press their luck much farther.

There are a number of high end security systems available, and those may be precisely what your home needs. With everything in place, and a reliable monitoring service keeping watch, your home will stay safe without putting a hole in your savings.

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