4 Ways To Improve Your Security System’s Effectiveness

As a homeowner, keeping your home safe from theft and break-ins is important. Not only is this going to protect your family and your valuable belongings, but you will also see a decrease in your home insurance premiums when you have a security system installed in your home and take other measures to keep your home safe. Whether you are planning to install a new security system for your home or you already have one, you will want to know these four ways that you can ensure it is effective: Read More 

4 Fire Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Fire safety is something that should never not be taken seriously. Although you may have never experienced a fire in the past, it doesn't mean that it couldn't happen to you. This is why you want to know these four important fire safety tips to keep your family and your home as safe as possible: Don't Rely on Low Battery Signal: Too often, people don't replace the fire alarm's battery until the signal light that there is a low battery has gone off. Read More 

Planning The Right Layout For Your Home’s Alarm System

Choosing the right home security system means taking stock of the specific layout of your home and property, as well as your budget and needs. In the end, the best security system for your home is the one that fits your budget, addresses your specific security concerns, and is versatile enough to change with your needs.  With an eye on necessities, you'll be able to pick out the components, services and functions that will make any security system right for your home, without adding on non-essentials or expensive extras. Read More 

Dog Owners: Four Tips For Reducing The Vulnerabilities Your Dog May Create In Your Security System.

Many people buy dogs to guard their homes, but in some cases, these furry companions can actually create holes in your home security. Their doggy doors can provide an easy place for intruders to enter the home, and dogs can inadvertently set off false alarms. Luckily, it is possible to make your home security system support your dog and work around the potential vulnerabilities he or she can create within the system. Read More 

Digital Security Training In The Aftermath Of The NSA Leaks And Edward Snowden

You probably heard all about the NSA digital file leaks and Edward Snowden. Regardless of your personal opinion of Mr. Snowden, it does shed light on a very important problem in many companies. The protection of sensitive business information and daily operations requires hyper-vigilance from all of your employees who have access, and even from those that do not. Here is how you can stress the importance of security during your company's digital security training sessions. Read More