A Look At The Most Common Types Of Home Security Systems

Protecting the house that you and your family call home is ever-important, and a typical home can be vulnerable to a long list of threats. Home security systems can really give you the advantage of protecting your property to a degree that you cannot achieve on your own. While most people are familiar with the average alarm system, many are unaware of just how many types of security systems there are and what their functions can be. Here is a look at just a few of the different types of security systems that can be installed in your home or on your property. 

Monitored Home Security Systems 

Monitored home security systems are those usually offered by a security services provider. The monitored system is directly monitored by the company, which means that any time an alarm is triggered, the monitoring company will be making the necessary calls to either local authorities or the property owner. For example, if an alarm is triggered because a front door is opened, the security company will likely place a call to the homeowner for clarification of what is taking place, but an automatic call may also go to the local police department if the homeowner does not respond within a predetermined time frame. 

Critical Alarms Home Security System 

Critical alarm systems are designed to monitor a home for several critical threats and sound an alarm when something is wrong. These alarm systems may be designed to detect things like: 

  • Smoke or fire 
  • Motion when the house should be empty 
  • Carbon monoxide 
  • Flooding or busted pipes 
  • Excessive heat or freezing temperatures 

Even though the critical alarm security system is more about protecting the home from damage, it can still be a valuable tool and most do have some functions like motion detection to thwart a break-in. 

Silent Perimeter Security Systems

Not every type of home security system is designed to sound an alarm when something is wrong. The silent security system sends a quiet alert to the property owner or owners when the perimeter has been compromised. It's relatively common for the simplistic wireless systems to monitor the outer perimeter of the home and send alerts when someone crosses an invisible barrier line. Unlike a visible fence, these silent perimeter alarms are ideal for property owners that prefer to have an open property and still have some level of protection against unwanted or unwelcomed people.